Although Mike Lardy conducted his first seminar almost 25 years ago, it was his innovative workshop format, started in 1994, that really created a venue for Mike to coach trainers as they implement the TotalRetriever program with their own dogs.

Conducted over 3-4 days, workshops usually consist of 10 handler-dog teams that train under Mike's tutelage as they run a variety of set-ups, drills, and yardwork. Whether you handle, or attend as an observer, workshops will help you get to the next level.


Each workshop provides: 

  • In-depth discussions and demonstrations of Mike's philosophy and techniques;
  • Individual guidance and feedback;
  • Effective problem solving techniques;
  • Rationales for marking and blind designs;
  • Skill development in running marks and handling on blinds;
  • Praise and correction techniques;
  • Increasing skills in reading your dog and decision making;
  • Techniques for line manner development and other useful routines;
  • Understanding of training decisions for dogs at various levels;
  • Ample time for questions by both handlers and observers;
  • Notebooks and other materials.


Workshops are organized around the three stages of the TotalRetriever program; Basics, Transition, and Advanced.

In order to provide variety, workshops are often combined such as Basics/Transition or Transition/ Advanced, and we occasionally have more specialized ones such as the Advanced Field Trial Clinic. Handler-dog teams are selected to provide a diverse experience for everyone involved.

Take the next step- plan to enroll in a workshop this year!

2013 Workshops & Clinics

 Our 2013 workshops have been completed. Thanks to all who attended and helped make our fund-raising for Retrieving Freedom Inc such a great success. Special thanks to our sponsors; Nestle Purina, Tri-tronics, Avery Sport Dog, and Thunder Equipment for generously providing raffle and other items. Watch here for 2014 workshop plans.

At this time there are no plans for workshops in 2014 due to family committments and a heavy training schedule. Thanks to everyone who has inquired.