Total E-Collar Conditioning

This 90-minute DVD is a well organized, easily understood presentation on how to successfully collar condition a dog while retaining a positive attitude and stylish performance for the future.

It begins with an overview of what will be taught with emphasis on basic obedience (non-collar) used as the foundation.

After reviewing the basics necessary and demonstrating the results of conditioning, a raw recruit is taken through a six day course. The various stages are demonstrated and narrated by Mike Lardy. Timing, reading the dog, and rate of progression are all addressed. The DVD contains tips, suggestions and some of the best shared lessons learned through experience.

The accompanying manual reviews each topic and has a flow chart for ready reference. A question and answer section provides additional information. The video is a "must have" for any trainer wanting a properly conditioned, stylish dog.

1 DVD includes 90 minutes of instruction and demonstrations, a comprehensive manual, s/h in US $59.95.  
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