When Not to Use the E-Collar

Training Tip #46
When not to use the E-Collar
From: Total Retriever Marking with Mike Lardy

There are many times when the e-collar should not be used. The following list is does not include all of the "do nots", and are only examples . See the manual for more information about related ideas.

  • Don't use collar corrections for switching, going back to an old fall, hunting short, or fading with the factors in early Transition. In early Transition we are still teaching the multiple mark concepts.

  • Don't use the collar as your dog runs willy-nilly over the field. Regain control first and then use the appropriate pressure on simple action commands ( here, sit, or a whistle blast)

  • Don't use a collar correction for going to the wrong area if the mistake occurs very gradually with a big rambling hunt. Simply handle to the appropriate area or have the gun help. Only use collar corrections (in-direct pressure) in clear-cut situations where you could read that your dog made a sudden decision to go to the wrong area.

  • Don't give an e-collar correction for a cast refusal if the background makes it very difficult for the dog to see you. White trucks, glare off vehicles, other handlers, back-lighting, broken tree lines, and other factors can make it nearly impossible for a dog to see the handler's casts. Check first to see what is behind the handler. If in doubt have a training partner go out prior to running any blinds to check the clarity of the handler from the dog's point of view.