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Training Tip #47
A Training Curriculum Online
Expanded Flow Chart

For a more complete description of the flow chart, read Mike's article in the August/September 2004Retriever Journal.

Some highlights of Mike's updated flow chart include:

An emphasis on the variety of experiences your young pup should have before formal yard training really begins. Socialization and early field work are critical for preparing your dog for formal training.

A detailed listing of the sub-steps of the yard sequence in order to emphasize the step by step nature of effective yard work.

An expansion of the transition section with more detailed steps to the water sequence.

An expansion of the advanced training section that shows the divergent priorities of field trial versus hunt test/hunting dog training. More importantly, the expansion of this section serves to point out that there isn't much divergence prior to advanced training.

Mike Lardy's Training Program Flow Chart (PDF)

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You'll notice there is no particular time line on the flowchart. This is very deliberate. Your rate of progress will be determined by many factors including the amount of time spent training, the ability of your dog, and the resources (fields, ponds, throwing help, etc) you have for training. Precocious pups in a full time program with tremendous resources may make it to advanced training before 12 months of age while a part-time trainer with marginal facilities and an average dog may not make it into advanced training much before two years of age.