Links to Our Friends

rjonline   Retrievers ONLINE is an information-packed magazine for those interested in improving the training, handling, and judging of retrievers.
rjpic   The Retriever Journal is a publication devoted to hunting and retriever training. Call 1-800-447-7367 to subscribe to Retriever Journal, the only full color magazine devoted to retrievers.
tritronics   Tritronics is a trusted name in the production of e-collars Mike uses the Pro 500 as his main choice for retriever training due to it's flexibility. Other choices are also found in the Tritronics web site.
Purina Pro Plan is the food that Mike uses for the competition dogs in his care. In addition, Purina has many choices from specially formulated puppy food to maintenance for the older dog.
logo   The Dog Trainers Workshop Connie Cleveland is the premier obedience trainer. Her website is full of information that is useful for anyone getting started with a puppy.
ENVA   CentroNuclear Myopathy (CNM) formerly called Labrador Muscular Myopathy now has a test to identify carriers. It is a serious disease that affects Labrador Retrievers. It is inherited, and like many recessive diseases, dogs may be affected if they get deleterious alleles from both parents or they may be carriers if they get the deleterious allele from only one parent. Carrier dogs may appear normal in appearance and behavior, but they can transmit the disease to their offspring. Although this disease has likely been around for over 35 years it has become a serious concern in the last 15 years, since it can be found in several of the top field trial lines. Numerous pedigrees show at least one, or sometimes more, identified or potential carrier dogs.
    Training and Campaigning Retrievers, The Principles and Practice
by Jack Gwaltney is now in it's third edition It has interesting perspectives on retriever training from an amateurs point of view and is a nice supplement to Mike's videos and manuals. It can be purchased directly at:
4863 Wesley Chapel Road
Free Union, VA 22940
$20 postpaid in USA - checks or money order only