If I Only Want to Buy One DVD Package, Which One Should I Buy First?

This is a question that has confused even us. If you have a new pup, then Total Retriever Marking (TRM) is the first package to buy, as it shows you how to introduce your puppy to retrieving and how to progress through the field work that precedes formal Basic training. TRM starts you out right with your pup from age ten weeks.

How to introduce your new pup to bird boys; how to introduce to water work; mechanics of coming to line, whether to repeat marks or not, advantages and disadvantages of various kinds of marks, how to make your bird boy effective and useful, and many other pointers are sequentially presented. If you are experienced, it will still be a good choice since it provides you an overall developmental marking program that will help you through your dog's entire life.

However, the Transition and Advanced sections of TRM require a dog to have the foundation training that is described in Total Retriever Training (TRT). So if your dog is older and already progressing on marks, you might want to start with TRT.

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