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Training With Mike Lardy - Volume II

Completly Revised! All new photos articles and more! Volume II is a spiral bound manual of 18 photocopied articles on problem solving for competition, vocalization, bird handling, looking up, whistle refusals, blind attitudes, and other common quandaries that confront the trainer.

Other topics are BB blinds, tune-up drills, revisiting e-collar conditioning, and strategies for advanced marking . Three articles present a detailed approach for developing a super pheasant dog. Many additional topics are covered.

It is suggested that Volume I is purchased prior to or at the same time as Volume II since all of the techniques and discussions are built on the Basic, Transition, and Advanced approaches described in Volume I.

Volume II includes s/h in US $29.95 

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Table of Contents

Problem Solving, Drills, and Training Approaches

  • Problem Solving: Vocalization and Looking Up
  • Problem Solving: Bird Handling and Whistle Refusals
  • Problem Solving: Popping
  • Returning to Pile Work for Problem Solving
  • Ten Easy Steps to Improve Your Dog's Attitude on Blinds
  • Following Through After Correction
  • Collar Conditioning Revisited
  • Problems in Competition
  • Treatment for Trial Problems
  • Justification of Pressure - A Response to Letter to Editor
  • Strategies for Advanced Marking
  • BB Blinds
  • Tune-Up Drills

Upland Hunting

  • Timetable for Developing a Super Pheasant Dog
  • Timetable for Developing a Super Pheasant Dog- Part II
  • Timetable for Developing a Super Pheasant Dog- Part III

Other Topics

  • What do Field Trials Have to Offer the Hunter?
  • Retriever Jargon
  • Odds and Ends